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 Thank you and kudos to the organizers of this month's Women of Hope!  Most 4th Monday evenings of each month,  the women of HPC are invited to dine and enjoy fellowship.  April 27th, about 20 women joined in Fellowship Hall for a dinner of salad, macaroni and cheese, pulled pork, and two amazing desserts!  Thank you planners and chefs; Marsha Wohltmann; Linda Bremhorst and Jan Piland and to Francie King for her additional dessert, split cherry cake! 

Our focus on this beautiful spring God has blessed us with brought the gifts of our master gardener, Sue Hack into play.  Thank you Sue for providing us with a lesson in potting plants with THRILLERS; FILLERS AND SPILLERS!!  Not only did Sue provide the pots, plants and soil but she gave us all helpful hints for future flower planting success.  Watch for the next Women of Hope so you too can experience the fellowship and love God brings us at HPC.


Gardeners with Hope team met in early March and decided the crops for the 2015 vegetable garden are as follows:

Spring season: broccoli, lettuce, radishes, onions, kale, collards,  spinach and kohlrabi.

Spring season into the summer: carrots, beets, Swiss Chard.

Warm season, replacing the spring crops: cucumbers, tomatoes and anything to be decided later, possibly sweet potatoes.

Fall season: purple top turnips, possibly some more broccoli,  Hakurei turnips. We could do spinach and lettuce, too, if there's room.

Also, we decided to grow some smaller tomatoes (grape or cherry) in straw bales outside the enclosure. Straw bale gardening is sort of a fad right now and we're going to jump on the bandwagon just to have fun trying something different!

The spacing of the rains this spring has generally kept our garden too damp to work.   Our lead master gardener, Sue Hack, was hoping to be able to have a Saturday work day, but that did not happen.  So on Sunday evening, April 12th,  she planted four rows of onions in our garden. 2015-HPC-Spring-planting 1"White Sweet Spanish" onions. Here in central Illinois we can grow either "long day onions" or "intermediate day onions". We're growing long day onions, which means they will start the bulbing process when the hours of daylight reach 14-16 hours.  

Our thanks to Mary Hudgins for her beautiful brocolli plants. They made their debut in our garden this week too!2015-HPC-Spring-planting 7

Mid week we were able to plant the rest of our spring garden.  Tilling, marking our rows and planting lettuce, collards, radishes, carrots, kale, spinach, kohlrabi and beets.  The Swiss chard will come later this month. Please take a short stroll down to our garden this spring and watch for this exciting crop to take hold!  HOPE surely HAPPENS HERE this spring!!

There are always weeds to pull in the courtyard. If you ever need a few moments of therapy, feel free to go out there and weed! Your church key should now open the courtyard doors--they were rekeyed last summer. Plus, you can always enter from the conference room/library--just make sure that you block the door so it doesn't close on you.



If you are looking for a safe place to "rest your burdens on the Lord" and to connect on a deeper level with other faith-full people, consider coming to Hope for a light supper on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. An assortment of Hope folks meet and share joys and concerns in a small group supportive setting. Each night is unique unto itself, so there is no preparation or carry-over from the previous week to worry about. Food preparation rotates around the group on a volunteer basis. Musically inclined people can stay for Band and/or Choir immediately following! The group averages 6-7 people a night but has been twice that on occasion and there is no limit.

Annual Report 2014

Women of Hope gathered on the last Mondays of each month at a variety of restaurants around Springfield and also in HPC's Cafe Hope. From 5:30 – 8:00 we socialize, pray, chat, eat, focus on scripture, chat, socialize, pray, and go home fulfilled. About 15 to 20 women normally gathered at these events in 2014. The evenings center around some kind of devotional activity, game, or lesson related to scripture, and each time there are new and deepened friendships. At the Annual Christmas Party in December Santa and God had an enlightening conversation about what Christmas really means, then we played gift exchange game...and gave all our gifts to the HPC nursery!! Tory rolled a huge pile of toys and supplies to the nursery that night! We continue to be deeply blessed by the beauty and joy of the women who have come to share food, stories, laughter, tears, and prayers, and we look forward to continuing these gatherings.
Contacts: Linda Bremhorst, Marcia Wohltmann and Jan Piland

For Women of Hope upcoming dates in 2015, please check the Events Calendar

Friday Night KnittersOur group is open to anyone who knits, would like to learn to knit or creates other handwork. We meet on alternate Friday evenings in the Banner Bunch Room from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m.

The projects completed thus far have included:

  • Prayer shawls for use by the Deacons
  • Hats, mittens and scarves for the children of Wanless and
  • Jane Addams Elementary Schools
  • Preemie caps for the Midwest Distribution Center

We will teach you to knit if you'd like to learn! Please join us!

The Friday Night Knitters group began in January 2010 for the purpose of knitting prayer shawls and teaching knitting to members in order to increase the volume produced.  

We also knit mittens, hats and scarves for the students at underprivileged Springfield schools.  We have sent hand knitted items to Wanless School in the past and currently to Jane Addams School.  This is part of the community outreach of our Mission Committee which targets a Springfield school to support by donating clothing; food; school supplies and providing adult volunteers when needed. 

We meet on Friday evenings every other week from 7-9 pm. Please come join us.  We welcome all members and non-members; crocheters too!

Past and Current Members: Jane Becker, Betty Blankenship, Charlotte Bremhorst, Enid Davis, Jane Dosland, Ginny Dow-Stewardson, Sue Hack, Jill, Libby Fox, Annie King, Francie King, Kathy Sorensen, Peggy Squibb, Marj Stearns, Mary Ann Turner, Pat White.

A group of Hope Church men meets at 7:00 am semi-weekly for coffee, croissants and conversation at Café Moxo (Adams between 4th and 5th). The small group has anywhere from 2 to 9 and more are always welcome. Talk ranges from current events to philosophy to politics to religion to really everything in between. The great thing is that it is a forum where the conversation is civil and there are no concerns about bringing in a faith based perspective.

HPC spring_senior_luncheon_April_26_2009_033Gardeners with Hope began in 2007.   One of our congregation members,  a master gardener and member of the HPC mission committee,  envisioned a way to put a part of our church property to good use.   Now after eight years, we have grown and harvested over 4,ooo lbs. of produce.   The vegetables are delivered to the Food Pantry of Kumler Neighborhood Ministries.

We meet as a group for planting and for some of the harvesting. At other times "Garden Tenders" sign up and maintain the garden for a week. There are also volunteers who are willing to transport the harvested vegetables to Kumler.

HPC spring_senior_luncheon_April_26_2009_035We also maintain our beautiful inner courtyard.

Current Members: Sue Hack (Chair), Jane Baudino, Mindy Becker, Jane Dosland, John Dosland, Ginny Dow-Stewardson, Carlene Fagg, Rob Forsyth, John Heumann, Will Hinsman, Mary Hudgins, Gene Kelley, Keith Sheckler, Kathy Sorensen, Gary Terpstra, Mary Ann Turner.

In addition, we have the following who deliver produce to Kumler- Jane and Charlie Becker, Diane and Jim Norvell, Pat Scott and Sue Starrick.

2014 Annual Report Gardeners with Hope

The Banner Bunch meets every other Tuesday night at 7 PM.  We began in 2000 mainly to retire outdated banners and construct new ones for our sanctuary.  Since then we have an impressive array of liturgical banners to adorn our sanctuary throughout the year.  Our banners are on display in the sanctuary during our annual Hope for the Holidays event.  We continue to meet and work on quilting and sewing projects for our church and the community.  For our friends who do not sew, we often have parts of a project that non-sewers can easily do – cut, press, and pin for example. The Banner Bunch past and current members are:  Jane Becker; Enid Davis; Ginny Dow-Stewardson; Jane Dosland; Judy Goodheart; Sue Hack; Alex Hammack; Virginia Hosking; Kathy Sorensen; Sue Starrick; and Mary Ann Turner.

Some past and current projects include:

  • Lap quilts for Hope Church members and shut-ins.
  •  Quilts for Kemmerer Village in Assumption IL
  •  Surgical caps for children at St. John's and Memorial Hospital
  • For 2015, Leisa Project- Banners for Presbyterian Churches in South Sudan

Read more: Banner Bunch

The Hope Church choir meets weekly on Wednesday nights at 7:00 during the months between September and May – taking the summer months off. During those weekly rehearsals we rehearse and learn music for the Sunday morning worship services and a cantata that is presented during the Christmas Eve service. While we work hard we are also a group that celebrates together as well.

This very talented group of singers is a wonderful example of the diversity of the ages in the congregation. We welcome members who like to sing – without audition to prove their ability.