HPC spring_senior_luncheon_April_26_2009_033Gardeners with Hope began in 2007.   One of our congregation members,  a master gardener and member of the HPC mission committee,  envisioned a way to put a part of our church property to good use.   Now after eight years, we have grown and harvested over 4,ooo lbs. of produce.   The vegetables are delivered to the Food Pantry of Kumler Neighborhood Ministries.

We meet as a group for planting and for some of the harvesting. At other times "Garden Tenders" sign up and maintain the garden for a week. There are also volunteers who are willing to transport the harvested vegetables to Kumler.

HPC spring_senior_luncheon_April_26_2009_035We also maintain our beautiful inner courtyard.

Current Members: Sue Hack (Chair), Jane Baudino, Mindy Becker, Jane Dosland, John Dosland, Ginny Dow-Stewardson, Carlene Fagg, Rob Forsyth, John Heumann, Will Hinsman, Mary Hudgins, Gene Kelley, Keith Sheckler, Kathy Sorensen, Gary Terpstra, Mary Ann Turner.

In addition, we have the following who deliver produce to Kumler- Jane and Charlie Becker, Diane and Jim Norvell, Pat Scott and Sue Starrick.

2014 Annual Report Gardeners with Hope