Hope Presbyterian Church

2211 Wabash Ave, Springfield, IL

(217) 546-6951

Annual Report 2014

Women of Hope gathered on the last Mondays of each month at a variety of restaurants around Springfield and also in HPC's Cafe Hope. From 5:30 – 8:00 we socialize, pray, chat, eat, focus on scripture, chat, socialize, pray, and go home fulfilled. About 15 to 20 women normally gathered at these events in 2014. The evenings center around some kind of devotional activity, game, or lesson related to scripture, and each time there are new and deepened friendships. At the Annual Christmas Party in December Santa and God had an enlightening conversation about what Christmas really means, then we played gift exchange game...and gave all our gifts to the HPC nursery!! Tory rolled a huge pile of toys and supplies to the nursery that night! We continue to be deeply blessed by the beauty and joy of the women who have come to share food, stories, laughter, tears, and prayers, and we look forward to continuing these gatherings.
Contacts: Linda Bremhorst, Marcia Wohltmann and Jan Piland

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