Hope Presbyterian Church

2211 Wabash Ave, Springfield, IL

(217) 546-6951

It is the responsibility of this team to maintain the building and grounds.  To do this takes a lot of volunteer coordination between the Building and Grounds (B & G) Team, church administrator and staff, and the congregation.

The Building and Grounds Team meets bi-monthly on the second Tuesday at 7:00 pm (December and summer months may be excluded).  Team members should be able to work together to find solutions to a variety of issues ranging from heating to roofing, electrical, and plumbing repairs, as well as the outdoor maintenance of the grounds, and also with due consideration of the need for upkeep of the overall appearance.  It is a plus for B & G Team members to be willing to volunteer labor on occasion to help save on costs.

It takes significant funds and volunteer teamwork to maintain our building and grounds.  Maintaining our house of worship is part of the mission of Hope Presbyterian Church.

Among the duties of B & G are:

  • Determining the scope of work to be done and whether or not the team feels the work can be performed by qualified church members or whether it should be posted for bids and contracted out to a qualified contractor.
  • Contracting vendors in coordination with the church administrator.
  • Obtaining bids and making recommendations on projects ranging from electrical wiring, to new roofs to new furnaces to building lighting replacement.
  • Obtaining bids and making recommendations for such services as cleaning, lawn care, and snow removal.
  • Yearly inspection of building and grounds, reviewing findings and making recommendations on the annual B and G Team Budget.
  • Long range planning for maintenance and improvement of the building and grounds.

Some of the past year's activities include:

  • Completing the remodeling of the Nursery Room sink - new countertop raised position to facilitate the SIU Art Express Alzheimer Group Program
  • Coordinating the installation of electromagnetic door hold-opens on five fire doors to comply with building fire safety code
  • Obtaining bids and coordinating the installation of a new, more efficient heat and air conditioning system for the Library area
  • Negotiating with Alderman Joe McMenamin and the Springfield Public Works Department for their consideration of the need for repair of the Wabash Street fence and an adjacent sidewalk/sewer repair issue
  • Holding discussion of larger and longer-term building repairs and improvements and the possibility of a capital fundraising campaign
  • Coordinating all church work days on June 11th and October 22nd for cleaning and repairs inside and out including preparations for the Hope for the Holidays Art Fair
  • Coordinating repair of the east parking lot drainage ditch to include dredging and rock lining for mosquito abatement
  • Coordinating a fund drive to purchase and install a mini-split air conditioning unit for the kitchen

The Building and Grounds Team is committed to servicing the building/grounds of our building for congregational use as well as the community use of our building and grounds.

Springfield Area Reading Is Fundamental Association (RIF) began in June, 1978 and is a not-for-profit 501( c ) ( 3 ) organization. Our goal is to provide elementary students the opportunity to choose and keep free books three times a year for three years (3rd, 4th, and 5th grade), thus creating a personal library. The program endeavors to continue the development of literacy by motivating children to read and providing them with book ownership. The RIF program embraces three essential elements to foster children's literacy: reading motivation, family and community involvement, and the excitement of choosing free books to keep.

RIF is staffed solely with volunteers. For many years, RIF operated out of District #186's Instructional Resource Center (IRC), located in the old Vachel Lindsay School on Chatham Road. District #186 converted a conference room there into offices during the spring of 2007. It became increasingly evident that we needed to find a new location for book storage and space for our three distributions each school year.
The idea of moving to Hope Presbyterian was presented to the Session in August, 2009. With the Session's approval, RIF officially moved into the facility prior to our first distribution that school year. We are grateful to the Congregation for providing the space necessary to run the program these past five years and for various members of the Congregation who have helped lay out thousands of paperback books in preparation for our distributions in November, February, and May over these years.
At each distribution day, representatives from 34 public and private schools in Springfield and the surrounding area come to select books for their respective 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. There are currently 5,071 students participating in the Springfield Area RIF program. The number of participating students has been reduced this year because the Chatham School District decided to drop from the program due to staffing and budget cuts. The volunteers who run the RIF program suggested using parent volunteers to select and distribute the books as many schools do, but the decision was made to discontinue participation. We provide an additional 15-20% books above the number of students to ensure the children have a good selection from which to choose. The representative takes the selected books back to their school, then has a "distribution day" for that school's students. Any books not selected by the students are returned to Hope Presbyterian where they are put back into our inventory for the next distribution.

Although federal funding for RIF ended in 2011, we have been fortunate that local financial support has continued. Under federal guidelines, the RIF program was limited to purchasing only paperback books. Several of our suppliers offer outstanding hardcover books for $1.65 to $2.00. We are pleased to be able to include these books in our distributions at such an affordable price. Our annual budget for this school year is $40,000. Of this amount, less than 2% will go for overhead. That means 98% of our budget is used to purchase about 16,500 hardcover and paperback books each school year. With the loss of federal funding we have had to be even more careful in our book selection, meaning books costing over $4 generally are not purchased. Regardless, we intend to continue the program with whatever funds we have available. We are counting on our relationship with Hope Presbyterian to continue for years to come. We greatly appreciate the partnership we have with Hope and offer thanks for allowing us to use your facility these past 5 years.

Eloise Baird, Program Coordinator
Francie King, Book Selection Chair

We are a Pantry Partner with Kumler Outreach Ministries. That means we provide 145 cans of chili with beans each month to Kumler. We have five bins that are each filled with 29 cans of chili with beans monthly and are then delivered to Kumler. We have just completed our fourth year as a Pantry Partner and have made our 145 can quota each month.

For you "bean counters", that is 6,960 cans of chili with beans over a four year period! Or, nearly 1,750 cans annually! Given that each can weighs almost one pound, we have given over 6,500 pounds of chili or 3 ΒΌ tons! From 2 Corinthians 9:7, "Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."

Thank you for your faithful chili with beans giving...or as Pastor Chuck has told us, paraphrasing this Bible verse, "God loves a chili giver".

Elders meet every third Thursday during the calendar year; however, not in July due to summer schedule.

 Our current PCUSA mission coworkers are:

Leisa Wagstaff in South Sudan

Nadia Ayuab in the Ukraine

Rev. Kurt Esslinger and HyeYoung Lee in South Korea