Hope Presbyterian Church

2211 Wabash Ave, Springfield, IL

(217) 546-6951

The Spiritual Growth Team (SGT) oversees Christian Education, Youth, Retreats, and other opportunities for the congregation. We meet the fourth Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm.

Look in these areas for more details:  Youth, Men of Hope, Breakfast at Moxo; Thursday Morning Bible Study; Food and Faith; Faith on Tap, Wednesday Morning Study Group; Women of Hope; Open Mic with a Mission and Hope in Action.

PCUSA Annual Special Offerings

One Great Hour of Sharing: $909.16  Received Easter, March 27, 2016
(100% to PCUSA)

Pentecost: $851 Received Pentecost, May 15, 2016
(60% to PCUSA) $ 510.60
(40% to Children at risk) $ 341 to Compass a new spin off program of the Family Service Center

Peace and Global Witness Offering: $852 Received World Communion Sunday, October 2, 2016
(75%  to PCUSA ) $ 639
(25% to local Peacemaking ministries) $248  to Contact Ministries

Christmas Joy Offering: $ 1275 Received December 25, 2016 

(100% to PCUSA)

HPC Local Mission

APL     We began collecting gently used towels for APL in 2016.  Hand towels and washcloths are greatly needed.  Mary Hudgins delivers them throughout the year.

Art Express     In mid-January, Maggie Shaver from SIU School of Medicine began using the Banner Room space for the art therapy program, Art Express.  This program has provided a place for Alzheimer's patients to create and fellowship in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  It has also provided a time for our own congregation members to interact with them during the summer session when additional volunteers were needed.  Truly, "Hope Happens Here"!

Caregivers     St. John's Third Age Living: HPC continues to provide volunteer drivers (5) to transport care receivers within the Springfield community to doctors appointments and to the grocery store.

Easter Egg Hunt     Mission and Fellowship  sponsored our annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday, March 26. The three Sundays prior to the hunt, congregation members filled over 300 plastic eggs and 60 treat bags for the children of Colony West and HPC friends and families.  We welcomed the Easter bunny arriving in a "robin egg" blue Volkswagen and over 50 children to our church for this fun annual event!

Fifth Saturdays     Mary Hudgins began this new mission for HPC in 2016 as an extension of Hope in Action Week.  On the fifth Saturdays of the year, mission would promote mission opportunities for our congregation to participate in mission within our local community.  

January 29th- a group of 8/9 people went to the Habitat Resale store to volunteer.  

April 30th - volunteers went to APL.

October 29th- Halloween being so close we wanted to do something for the homeless children served by the Matthew Project.  After contacting Ann Libri, we were asked to assemble nonperishable food items the moms could easily distribute.  We collected specific food items (candy for children; cereal, crackers, fruit snacks etc. for the moms).  Volunteers met that day at HPC to sort and bag these items.  We had approximately 35 candy bags and over 20 large bags for the moms!

2016 Garage Sale     2016 being an even numbered year, we participated in the Annual C0lony West Subdivision garage sale.  This year we donated our proceeds ($1750.10) to the Matthew Project.

Habitat for Humanity     This year we provided two meals for Habitat working crews.  In March, mission and fellowship prepared and delivered a meal.  In October, we used local mission funds to purchase sandwiches and drinks for another Habitat crew.

Jane Addams School     We continue to partner with Jane Addams School supporting the faculty and students.  In May, mission informed the congregation of the Jane Addams Pizza fundraising drive (20% of pizzas ordered under Jane Addams as the beneficiary), Rob volunteered at an evening event at the school.  In August, Mindy Becker organized a Back to School Drive.  Mindy collected $484 to purchase supplies.  She spent $297.  We also received from the Boys and Girls club: 233 glue sticks; 185 folders; 205 notebooks and two boxes of "Thirty-One" duffle bags.  We sent all of the school supplies and some of the "Thirty-One" back pack style bags to Jane Addams.  In November, Jane Addams expressed a need for warm clothing.  Mindy organized a clothing drive for sweat pants.  The congregation donated $60; Mindy spent $144 on sweat pants in addition to the sweat pants members had contributed.  We currently have a balance of $103 going forward in our designated fund for Jane Addams in 2017.  We also sent three frozen turkeys to Jane Addams in November.  The Friday Night Knitters donated knitted and crochet hats and scarves.  (see individual report)

Kumler Food Pantry    

Turkeys for Kumler:  HPC collected approximately 28 turkeys for Kumler food pantry for Thanksgiving.

Coins for Kumler:  Change from HPC Sunday offerings:  $1269.95

Gardeners with Hope provides fresh produce from our HPC garden.  (see individual report)

Partners with Kumler:  HPC provides approximately 145 cans of chilli a month for a total of 1,740 cans a year.  (see individual report)

Bare Necessities:  We cllect items related to personal hygiene in the Kumler pantry box and a volunteer from Kumler picks them us as needed.

Lifetime Pregnancy Center     We participated in their Baby Bottle Boomerang during October.  The congregation donated $230 towards this mission.

Mom and Me Camp     2016 is the third year we have included this mission in our Hope in Action Week.  Moms who are incarcerated at the Lincoln and Decatur Correctional Centers have an opportunity to see their children for three days each summer. We create a journal for each child attending the camp and pray for the children and their moms during this special time.  From the camp director, Kathy Case:  

"This is the kind of gift that can truly live on and remind them in their dark moments that they were loved by the blessed strangers who made these books and that there was a time that their mothers thought only of them!  Your prayers are the most important gift you give us."

This year we delivered backpacks and duffel bags ("Thirty-One" bags donated from the Boys and Girls Club) along with our journals and prayers for 49 campers.

Sojourn Shelter     On the fourth Sunday of every month, HPC delivers lunch for approximately 30 residents. In 2016 we provided 12 meals sponsored by congregational donations; individuals and groups.  In December,  once again we adopted a family (single mom with three children, ages 16, 11 and 9) for the annual Sojourn Shelter Adopt-a-Family.

Springfield Overflow Shelter     HPC prepared and served 2 meals at the overflow shelter.  January 21st and February 18th.  HPC volunteers prepared and served breakfast casseroles for both meals.  Once again, the 2015 Moxo Men Pancake Supper proceeds provided funds to support this mission.  We filled approximately 80 green Bags of Hope which were distributed by Helping Hands as needed.  ($202.14 from the 2015 Pancake Supper and $50 donation from Food and Faith funds).  Moxo Men 2016 Pancake Supper: $243.69 was received as designated income for our upcoming 2017 SOS meals.

In serving these two meals at the shelter, we were led to another mission oportunity.  Paul and Tamara, a homeless couple was in need of housing during Paul's cancer treatments.  Our congregation was able to provide financial assistance to this couple.  Thanks to generous donations from our congregation ($2125.00) we were able to help them cover several months rent and buy basic furnishings for their apartment.  Kathy Sorensen and Sue Hack visited the couple in May to see how they were doing.  They were very cordial and grateful.  Paul passed away this past summer.

St. John's Breadline     In 2016, 247 plastic soup containers were delivered to St. John's Breadline.  Each of these containers has a capacity between 12 and 20 fluid ounces.  The collection point is a yellow box on the floor in the church narthex.  We will continue collecting these containers in 2017.  (Sue Hack for the Mission Committee).

The James Project     During Hope in Action Week we prepared meals for two of the foster care families.  We also included a diaper drive for TJP and they picked up two car loads of diapers.

HPC Global Mission

C.R.O.P.     This year our Walking 4 Hope team raised $1220.00.  We also "won" the CROP banner our Banner bunch created.  It will reside with until next year's CROP Walk, the first Sunday in October.

Global Offering     The Presbyterian Disaster Relief Fund is a PCUSA mission which we support the first Sunday of each month.  $1289.80 was collected and sent to the Presbytery of Great Rivers to be used locally or sent on to PCUSA.

Healthy Women Healthy Families     Mother's Day Cards from PCUSA: $100 proceeds from cards sent to PCUSA to support African women and children at risk.

8th Annual Hope for the Holidays Fine Art and Craft Fair

The Mission Committee continues to support three mission coworkers in the field. This year's Hope for the Holidays total giving was $7500. (Raising Hope Funds matched HFH distributions to give us this total). We also continue to send funds to the local APL and participate in the annual matching fund of PCUSA Mission.


LEISA WAGSTAFF      SOUTH SUDAN          $2000


NADIA AYOUB     UKRAINE           $2000



Please check the south hall bulletin board for "thank you" notes, letters and news from our mission coworkers throughout the year. Recent letters from Presbyterian Mission have expressed how much the funding for mission coworkers "has diminished...in May 2015 we had to recall some mission workers due to a lack of funding".  We are thankful we can continue to support our mission coworkers with this event!

The Mission Committee consists of these members:

Jane Becker, Mindy Becker, Bonnie Cartwright, Sheryl Essenburg (Elder), Carol Finley, Rob Forsyth, Sue Hack, Mary Hudgins, Kathy Sorensen (Chair), Marj Stearns and Mary Ann Turner.

This year we lost Mary Ann Turner.  Mary Ann was an active member of this committee for many years, devoting much time and energy in so many mission projects.  We miss her greatly.  Mission was very honored to work with Mary Ann's daughter, Kelly and her family, in contacting Sojourn Shelter to pass on memorial funds ($1000) in Mary Ann's name.

We thank the congregation for all the support in each of our mission projects throughout the year. We welcome any suggestions you may have to further the mission efforts of Hope Presbyterian Church helping us continue to be the 'hands and feet' of Christ in our community and beyond. We always welcome new members to the team.  We meet the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:45 PM. Please come join us!!

Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Sorensen, Mission Chair

The Fellowship Team schedules, plans and hosts most of the church's social events throughout the year including coffee hours following worship services and potlucks of all types and is responsible for most of the kitchen supplies and upkeep.  We work with Men of Hope on the Pancake Supper, the Mission team's Easter Egg Hunt, Spring Fling, Pentecost Fellowship, Graduation recognition, Hope in Action Week meals, coffee service and works with the Deacons for Funeral luncheons or memorial dinners.

The worship team meets the first Tuesday of the month from 6:00-7:30 pm. The team consists of Pastor Chuck Goodman, Virginia Hosking, Tom Heintzelman, Dan Rasing, Charlie Minert, and Marcia Wohltmann. We always welcome anyone desiring to assist in the planning of future worship services. We discuss scripture verses for each Sunday, offer suggestions for themes and sermon topics, gather ideas for hymns and band music, consider d├ęcor and other items that enhance worship experiences.

Approximately a dozen people volunteer their time and talent to assist Pastor Chuck with worship each Sunday.  Our group would love to grow, so if you have any interest in trying to serve n this capacity, please inquire with Pastor Chuck or Marcia Wohltmann.

It is the responsibility of this team to maintain the building and grounds. To do this takes a lot of volunteer coordination between the Building and Grounds (B & G) Team, church administrator and staff, and the congregation.

The Building and Grounds Team meets bi-monthly on the second Tuesday at 7:00 PM (December and summer months may be excluded). Team members should be able to work together to find solutions to a variety of issues ranging from heating, to roofing, electrical, and plumbing repairs, as well as the outdoor maintenance of the grounds, and also with due consideration of the need for upkeep of the overall appearance. It is a plus for B & G Team members to be willing to volunteer labor on occasion to help save on costs.

It takes significant funds and volunteer teamwork to maintain our building and grounds. Maintaining our house of worship is part of the mission of Hope Presbyterian Church. 

Among the duties of B & G are: