Our 2017 Mission trip was scheduled for July 2-7.  We traveled to the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area.  Our work was through the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and we stayed at the First Presbyterian Church in Sevierville, Tennessee.  Our team of over a dozen adults and teens spent our days repairing and building plus spreading a little love everywhere they go.  Here is the update from our amazing 'crew':

 "The Live-It ministry here definitely takes the Bible out of the box! (Their motto). Our bodies are tired and worn, which is what we hoped for, to feel some aches and pains of service work. We've worked hard, prayed hard, bonded permanently, and grown spiritually. As ragged as we feel, the ministries here continue to do this week after week after week. The needs are endless. We are overwhelmed and humbled.

We are SO very grateful for the support of our church family back home, enabling us  to do this.

Blessings, Jan"

"HPC missioners worked at a variety of sites and tasks in Gatlinburg and Seymour Tennessee. Monday we started at a house in Gatlinburg clearing out a fence row and ended by helping clean up debris at a house burned by the fires last year. Tuesday was our "fun day". Wednesday we sorted scrap to clear the decks for donated containers for Live-It, a local group in Seymour helping families with housing and supported by a thrift store. Thursday we spent the morning on a Live-It house in Gatlinburg painting and building a brick pathway and the afternoon back at the store sorting, tagging (no, not the graffiti kind of tagging) and getting the sorted scrap to the recyclers. All these activities have great stories attached, so be sure to ask one of the missioners about it when you see them.

Blessings, David"